Thursday 2 October 2008


Author: James Goi, Jr.
Genre: Personal Finance
Publication Date: November 2007
Book Length: Short
ISBN: 0-7414-4286-8
Price: $10.95
Publisher: Infinity Publishing

Delightful Rating:

Structured in a logical format, one can easily navigate through the pages. Dedicated to each chapter is a page on concepts, a page on six simple steps and a page listing ominous quotes. If you want to see changes materialise in your life, take this handy book around with you, read the entire book more than once, allow the pages that jump out and speak to you help you to direct you on your positive path to enriching your life and the lives of others.

Goi Jr. has packed a wealth of invaluable knowledge and information in a cleverly short and sweet manner. A short read, James outlines the steps leading us to realize the sweet things that money can help to provide.

HOW TO ATTRACT MONEY USING MIND POWER by James Goi Jr, I highly recommend to anyone who is willing to make significant changes in their lives by increasing their finances. Why make it a new year's resolution when you can give yourself a break by starting now, sailing into 2009 with the work already underway and a firm foundation in place?

Delightfully reviewed by Delores Airey

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